Stonies FAQ

Do you have a forum or guides for the game?
We have a forum full of very helpful players here! If your account is an upjers account linked to the portal, you can simply use your username and password for your game to log in!
How can I enter fullscreen mode?
You can enter fullscreen mode by hitting the little black button with the arrows in the side bar:

To exit fullscreen mode, just hit "Esc" on your keyboard.
How can I get Crystals?
There are a number of ways to earn Crystals. Of course, the simplest way is to purchase them for real money in the Crystal Shop (the + next to your Crystal display).

You can also get Crystals for free by collecting Crystal Fragments (100 of which can be turned into 1 Crystal in your inventory). You can get Crystal Fragments as rewards for completing certain objectives, from watching video ads (the TV icon on the right side of the screen), sending idle Stonies to pray at the Circle of Worship and from some decorations (especially decorations that were bonus items for Crystal purchases). Later on, you can also make picture bundles for your cave paintings in the cave. Duplicates can be recycled for Crystal fragments as well.
How can I make a fishing rod?
You can make a fishing rod at the tool workshop.

To make it, you'll need 6 willow rods (from willow trees in the area where the ponds are), 2 fishing hooks (made at the wood workshop), 6 string (made at the fiber workshop) and 13 food in your food bar.
How can I move buildings and decorations?
You can move buildings by tapping and holding them in the app version (it may a bit tricky depending on your device - you need to hit them straight on without accidentally moving the screen), or clicking and holding in the browser game.

This will enable movement mode - you can either move your buildings around and confirm with the green checkmark, cancel movement with the X, or throw out the building by clicking on the garbage bin at the top. Please note that if you throw away buildings, you will not be refunded costs or materials. They'll just be gone.

Decorations that give you goodies, such as shrines, can be moved to your cave or removed (deleted) by simply tapping on them.

If you move them to the cave, you'll still be able to collect goodies from them there without them cluttering up your map. If you remove them, they will be gone for good and you won't be refunded costs or materials.
How can I throw out things I don't need?
You can dispose of items in your inventory by dragging them down onto the garbage can icon (it looks like a leather basket with rotten green stuff in it):

How do I expand my territory?
To expand your territory, keep a look out for large, pointy rock formations near the edge of your current area:

Zapping these with divine power will turn them into magical statues.

These statues in turn, will require a sacrifice in the form of some level-appropriate products and Crystals to unlock the new area for them:

Once you have collected the required materials, simply click on the production button to complete the expansion.

You will be asked to pay a certain number of Crystals, and then the new region will be unlocked for you.

New regions will not only give you more room, but also grant you access to new materials and resources!
How do I feed Stonies?
Your Stonies need food to complete certain tasks, like building or producing items. To ensure they have enough food, simply drag food from your inventory (berries, mushrooms, meat, etc.) from your inventory onto the food bar in the top right corner of the screen. This will fill the food bar and provide your Stonies with the energy they need!
How do I marry Stonies?
Adult Stonies don't want to live alone - they want to be have a hut, be married and have kids. If you see a Stonie with a red speech bubble with a holding hands walking around all forlorn, they want to be married:

To marry Stonies, you need to use a love spell. You can activate that with your divine power. Just click on the purple lightning bolt in the top right corner - that activates your god mode.

Next to the purple lightning bolt, you'll now have a heart symbol. Click on that to activate the love spell.

Now you can tap on two Stonies - a man and a woman - searching for a partner (first one, then the other), and then on an empty hut to complete the spell. Eligible partners and huts will helpfully be pointed out with blue arrows:

Keep in mind you cannot marry related Stonies; if all of your single Stonies are related, you'll need to wait until someone new joins the tribe or an unrelated couple has a baby and it comes of age.

If you haven't reached your tribe limit yet (which can be seen in the tribe overview), your married Stonies will surely have a bun in the oven soon!
How long does it take for resources to respawn?
Different plants and trees take different amounts of time to grow back and regrow bit by bit.

If you've already picked all of that resource, you can click on the i next to the item in your inventory or anywhere it's needed to see how long it will take for more to appear:

A pop-up like this will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen:

I bought Coins via PaysafeCard, but they haven't arrived yet.
If the debit wasn't successful, the amount of money is generally credited back to your code; therefore the money should still be on your card.

Please go to

There you can check your credit and verify your turnovers.

Should the amount have been debited from your card, please state your PaysafeCard transaction ID as well as the date of your payment.
I bought Coins/Diamonds/Dosh/Gold Bars/Cocoa Beans via PaysafeCard, but they haven't arrived yet.
If the debit wasn't successful, the amount of money is generally credited back to your code; therefore the money should still be on your card.

Please go to

There you can check your credit and verify your turnovers.

Should the amount have been debited from your card, please state your PaysafeCard transaction ID as well as the date of your payment.
I can't find a specific player using the player search, and I can't send him messages or contracts.
All our game servers are entirely independent from each other. That is why it is unfortunately not possible, to transfer an account from one server to another, or trade and communicate between different servers.

You can only trade with players, if they are registered on the same server. If you would like to play on the same server as your friends and/or family or switch for different reasons, they need to register on your server, or you need to register on their server, and start from the beginning. Settings from one server cannot be transferred to another server. If you just want to talk to your friends while you are on-line, you can always do so via the forum as well!
I can't log into the forum.
Are you sure you're logging into the correct forums?

With the exception of Kapilands and Kapi Regnum, all of our Forums can now be found in the Portal. You can log in here with the same username and password you use for your games!
I didn't receive the activation mail with my login data.
Please check your spam and junk inbox. Maybe the activation e-mail is hiding there.

If you can't find the e-mail, please state your forum name and date and time of registration in your support request.

You will be sent a new activation e-mail.
I forgot on which server my account is registered.
If you saved your registration mail, this is no problem at all. Aside from your login data, it also contains the server info.

If you didn't save the registration mail, you can use the "Password forgotten?" function on every server. Along with the new password, you will be sent your server and the login data via e-mail. You can also try to log in on every server using the trial-and-error method until you have found your game server. Unfortunately, there is no other option.

If all that fails, you can still contact support to see if they might be able to help.

Keep in mind that in some of our older games, game accounts may be deleted after 180 days of inactivity.
I have transferred money via bank transfer in order to receive Coins. When will I get them?
Unfortunately we have no way of influencing the time the credit institutes take to process a transaction. This may take up to 3-5 working days, even if the money has been booked directly from your account, even longer in case of international transactions (our company seat is, as you may know, in Germany).

We generally credit all transfers the day they arrive on our account. Maybe your transactions is among today's arrivals. Should you have to wait longer than 10 working days until the Coins have been credited to your account, please check your entries, and contact us again, if you are certain you have used the correct data.

In this case please let us know the "reason for transfer" you have given in your bank transaction form, your User ID, the account holder's name and time/date of transaction.
I linked my game account to the Portal, but now I can't log in anymore!
Once you have connected an account to the Portal, you will need to use your Portal account information to log into your individual games, if you opt to log into them from their launch pages. Of course, you can easily log in via the "My Games" tab.

Some of our older games will require you to click a little portal button to use your Portal information to log in.
I wanted to buy Coins/Diamonds/Dosh/Gold Bars/Cocoa Beans via debit (Webbilling), but I could not understand the voice on the phone.
If you didn't enter a PIN, your money wasn't debited. You can simply begin the payment process over.
I would like to delete my forum account.
The Forums are directly tied to the Portal; therefore, it isn't possible to delete just your forum account.
I would like to delete my forum account.
Forum accounts are now directly tied into your Portal account; the two cannot be separated, and therefore, it's impossible to delete just your forum account.
I would like to link an older game account to the Portal. How can I do that?
If you have a Portal account, any new game accounts you create will automatically be connected to the Portal. However, if you have an older account that isn't connected to the Portal yet, you can do that after the fact.

Just go to the "My Games" tab in the Portal.

You'll see a little "Link Existing Accounts" tab over the box with your games. Click on that.

Choose the game you would like to link an account from, and click on it. Enter your server and log-in information, and BAM, it's connected!

Please note: Sometimes difficulties arise if you have deleted Kapi Hospital/My Free Farm accounts and then try to link a new account. Contact support if this occurs!
I would like to transfer my account to another server.
You can of course register on another game server any time. Since our game servers are not connected, however, it is impossible to transfer accounts from one server to another. If you would like to play on another server, you need to register on that one separately.

You can close your current account or keep it, as you like. Coins, points and in-game money can unfortunately not be transferred.
Is the game good?
Yes, it's fantastic! We're sure you will enjoy it.
My account was reset to level 1! Where is my saved game?
Accounts do not get reset on their own. There are three reasons your account may appear reset:
  • You deleted your account via the Game Settings/Profile (this is pretty rare)
  • You are playing on the wrong server
    • A lot of our games have several game servers - make sure that you try all of them before you panic
  • You accidentally changed the language
      Make sure that you're playing the game in the right language. Our games do not switch languages - each language is hosted on a different server, and if you change the language, you'll begin playing a completely new account. Some of the more bilingual among us might not even notice. You can find the dropdown to change languages in the top right corner of the screen:

My forum account has been banned.
If you have violated the forum rules on various occasions, you have probably been warned by one of our forum moderators already, and are now banned.

Should you not have received a warning from a moderator, you may have been blocked immediately because you have extremely violated the forum rules.

The reason and the length of your ban will be displayed when you log in.

Should neither of those things apply, please state your forum name as well as your email address in your support request; we will then examine your case.
The time display in the forum is incorrect after the switch of the daylight savings time.
Go to your "User Control Panel" in the forum and click on "Board preferences".

You can switch DST by ticking "Yes" or "No" respectively in the menu item "Summer Time/DST is in effect".
There are several players in our household, is there anything we need to look out for?
Please always follow this essential rule:

In order to ensure that all our players have the same chances within the game, all trades between players using the same internet connection (at home, at work, etc.) are expressly forbidden. We cannot make any exceptions here.

Of course it is always possible, that friends, colleagues and family members using the same internet connection are registered on the same server. In order to differentiate between these PC-user-communities and cheaters, it is unfortunately necessary that everyone sticks to this general rule.

If you do this, you can play on the same server without any problems. And let's face it, there really are plenty of other players that you can trade with as well.

Thanks a lot for your understanding and keep having fun playing!
What do the rankings mean?
This is what each of the rankings means:

● God of Relish - # of food items collected
● God of Productivity - # of products made
● God of Nature - # of resources gathered
● God of Building - # of buildings
● God of Decorations - # of decorations/shrines on your map
When will my Stonies grow up?
Stonies go through four age stages - child, teen, adult and senior. Their age is not tied to their level.

You can see how long it will take them to reach the next stage of their life by clicking on the huts they live in. Below each Stonie, you'll see a timer showing you how long it will take them to reach the next stage of their life.
Where can I find nuts?
You can find nuts on bushes in the forest - they look a bit like berry bushes, but with brown bits:

Generally, you can find most new materials in recently expanded areas. Some things (like corn) can even be grown on your fields once you've found it.
Where can I get an Obsidian Knife?
The Obsidian Knife cannot be crafted; it's a multi-tool that is sometimes available as a bonus item with payments.

If don't have one, you'll need to make individual tools to get the same jobs done, ie. a carving stone for the woodworking shop, a scraper for butchering animals, etc.
Where can I get corn?
Corn, like all other plants and vegetables, can be found growing in the wild (usually towards the eastern part of your map):

Once harvested, you can grow it on your fields to quickly get more. If you've already harvested all the corn on your map, you can click on the "i" next to corn in your inventory or anywhere it's required to see how long it will be before more corn shows up on your map. If you don't see a timer in the info box, there's still some corn hiding somewhere on your map!
Where can I get emeralds?
You can get emeralds from a number of things in the game:
  • Daily login bonus (day 5)
  • Medium Shrines
  • Animal NPCs like the Sabre-toothed Tiger
  • Friendship Coins (Gem Bundle, Fire Bush, Obelisk)
Where can I get quartz?
You can get quartz from a number of things in the game:
  • Daily rewards (days 3 and 4)
  • You have a chance to find quartz randomly when harvesting food/resources
  • Small Shrines (Resource, Mana, Product Shrines)
  • Fire Bush (a decoration available in the friendship shop)
Where can I get sinew?
Sinew can be obtained by hunting and butchering Reindeer. If you don't see any Reindeer on your map yet, chances are they're waiting for you in the next territory you can unlock ;)
Where can I get unrelated Stonies for my single Stonies looking for a partner?
A new, unrelated Stonie will join your tribe every 2 Eras. Of course, that can take a while. Perhaps another Stonie from other parents will come of age in the meantime to marry your single Stonies. Remember - siblings and parents/children can't marry, but cousins can!
Why am I not getting tallow/wool from yaks?
Only a stone knife or obsidian knife will allow you to get wool and tallow from yaks when butchering them.
Why am I not getting video ads?
In games that have video ads, the availability of video ads can be determined by several factors:

  • Operating system - Most video ad providers do not support Amazon, so video features are frequently not available on Kindle devices.
  • Daily View Restriction - Most games only allow you to watch a certain number of videos per day; some also limit the intervals between. You should usually see a timer showing you when you can watch videos again.
  • Location - Some providers limit videos by location, or only cater to certain regions.
  • Devices and Other Data - Some third parties will collect usage data from views (see our data privacy statement in the game); it is possible that they may limit which videos are shown to certain users based on this.
Why am I on the black list?
Being on the black list just means that you can't receive e-mails from us anymore (with the exception of support e-mails). Usually, you wind up on there because you unsubscribed from our newsletters or other mails, but you can also end up on our blacklist by marking our e-mails as spam or not being able to receive e-mails (for instance, if your inbox is over capacity).

If you would like to be removed from our blacklist, all you need to do is explicitly ask us to do so (something like "Please remove my e-mail address ( from the black list.")
Why can't I log into my account?
There are a couple of reasons why you might have trouble logging into your account. Here are several possible solutions for your problem:

  • Are you sure that you have chosen the right server? You need to choose the server you registered on, if you want to log into the game. If you are unsure which server you are registered on, please check your registration confirmation mail. Please also note that our game is available in several languages. So please make sure that really have selected the US-American version, or that you indeed are registered on the US-American version.

  • If you are certain that you have chosen the correct URL and server, please verify that
    you have entered your login name and password correctly. There should be no unnecessary spaces. These may have been added accidentally, if you have copy/pasted the password.
    Also note that the password is case-sensitive. So please check that you haven't accidentally turned on your key lock.

  • In case forgot your password, please use the option "forgot password", and you'll automatically be sent a new one. Use that one, to connect to the game. You can later on change it in your in-game Profile. If you don't receive the email with your new password, please check your Spam-Folder.

  • Please also note that your login name may differ from your user name (depending on the game you are registered on). Your user name is the name that is displayed within the game, in order to connect to the game, you need to use the login-name.

  • We also run nightly backups some time between 2 and 5 am CET/CEST (Central European (Summer) Time). If you're experiencing issues at that time of day, it's likely they are just temporary. Try again a bit later!

If you are still unable to connect to the game, please contact us again, if possible, by giving us the exact error message you receive when trying to log in!