ValleyFarm FAQ

How and where can I get seeds in Farmer's Fairy Tale?
You will always get one seed bag with every crop you harvest; if you ever need more though, you can visit Shorty and buy more. To unlock his shop, Shorty's Gardening Supplies, you'll need to fulfill the following requirements: - Harvest 500 crops - Get 1000 reputation with Shorty - Earn the achievement "Small Fields - Big Plans!"
How can I (re)move fields?
To remove a field, just drag a hoe from your inventory onto an existing (empty) field. This will destroy the field. You can then use the hoe again to make a new field elsewhere.
How can I enter the town hall while the Mayor and Cato are having an argument in Farmer's Fairy Tale?
Currently the Mayor and Cato are having a long and intense quarrel in the town hall and do not wish to be disturbed by anyone. This is why the town hall is locked. Should you receive quests from the "Notice Board", which require interaction with the Mayor or Cato, you can simply delete these tasks by clicking on the red trash can icon:
How can I get Fireflies in Farmer's Fairy Tale?
The quest "Harvest Firefly" requires the collection of fireflies. You will sometimes receive fireflies when harvesting grass, small stones or wood on your farmyard by using your "hand". The fireflies will be automatically added to your player inventory.
How can I get the sapphire?
The sapphire can be found by mining pillar rocks in the area around the mine. You can drag your little helper on them to make sure that the sapphire can be received from them. The sapphire is an extremely rare gem and you might need some patience until you will be successful. A pickaxe level one is required for mining them.
How can I make fields?
You can build fields anywhere on your farm - all you need a hoe and a field-sized patch of land free of obstacles. Just drag the hoe from your inventory over the free spot (it'll be outlined in white) to make a field.
How can I rotate the view?
Just put two fingers on the screen simultaneously and move one of them to rotate the screen!
How can I take care of Grandmother Eleanor's farm animals in Farmer's Fairy Tale?
The task "Take care of Grandmother Eleanor's Farm Animals" of the story quest "Silence of the Shadow” requires that you take care of Grandmother Eleanor's farm animals on her farm, not on your farm. To do so please open your inventory, select the hand icon and drag it on one of her animals there.
How can I transfer my game progress to a new device in Farmer's Fairy Tale?
Please write down your User ID. You can find it in your in-game settings. Afterwards please contact our support team and they will create a transfer code, which will be valid for 36 hours. Then install the game on your new device and enter the transfer code in the in-game settings of that new account to load your original account on that new device.
How do I complete the quest "Rumbling Rumbling Runes" in Farmer's Fairy Tales?
The completion of the quest "Rumbling Rumbling Runes" requires the utilization of a rune on the workbench or furnace. You need to open the production menu so that you see the orange level bar. You can hit the orange button with the arrow to use the rune (which needs to be in your personal inventory, not the workbench inventory). After doing that, the quest will ask you to talk to Spinner to finish it up.
How do I extract the emerald from Grimmly's hearth in Farmer's Fairy Tale?
You will be able to extract the emerald from Grimmly's Hearth while executing extraction processes. When you click on the "i" you will see the probability of receiving it expressed as a percentage. The emerald is a "legendary" material, so the percentage there is the chance for receiving it after a completed extraction process. That chance is rather slim though, therefore you might need to execute many extraction processes before the emerald will drop.
How do I find treasure chests in Farmer's Fairy Tale?
Some treasure chests can be found around the village, the forest or the farm and can be reached and opened at some point during the game progress. Treasure chests also occasionally spawn after you have completely harvested a resource. So get out there, chop wood, clear rocks! Happy hunting!
How do I play darts?
You can play darts at the bar. When you walk into the bar, there's a dartboard on the wall to your right.

Just tap on it to play. You'll need to select a wager, and then the game will start. The aim of the game is to get the specified number of points on the dot in the specified number of throws.

To aim, tap and hold to move to different parts of the board. To actually throw, tap on the text in the bottom right corner ("1. Press here" etc.) and hold while move roughly where you want to aim. Let go to throw. It may take a few tries to get the hang of it and get a feel for where the dart will fly.
How do I rotate the screen in Farmer's Fairy Tale?
Sometimes you have to rotate the screen to see things located at the walls that you can't see from your regular point of view. Just put two fingers on the screen simultaneously and move one of them to rotate the screen.
How do I use the emerald spell in Farmer's Fairy Tale?
The "Emerald Spell" is a booster for the extractor in Grimmly's Hearth. Just go into the hearth interface in Grimmly's shop and drag the potion bottle onto the hearth interface, and you'll get a pop-up prompting you to confirm its usage.
How do I use the farm hand creator in Farmer's Fairy Tale?
Lucky H allows you to hire custom farm hands. You'll find him up in the bar in the north-eastern part of town. When you talk to him, the farm hand creator is the option with the farmer and the pitchfork. There are different kinds of farm hands with different specialties. You can purchase them and they will help you for a stipulated period of time.
What is Farmer's Fairy Tale all about?
You wake up in a fairy tale world where you are given a farm to produce goods and take care of your farm animals. You will meet a lot of fascinating and a little strange characters, who will help you on your journey through this magical world, where exciting quests and tasks await you. Secrets have to be lifted as you following the story line in your dream world.
Where can I check my achievements, my reputation with the villagers and the high scores in Farmer's Fairy Tale?
You can check your achievements and your reputations with the villagers at any time by going into your farmhouse and looking at your pinboard. You will also find the high scores there, where you can see your ranking and the names of the top ten players.
Where can I find casting mold in Farmer's Fairy Tale?
Blacksmiths sometimes use molds to cast items - it's like a shape for molten metal. You should take a look around Grimmly's place.
Where can I find rare flowers in Farmer's Fairy Tale?
You can find patches of wildflowers in the forest - you'll need scissors level one and for some of them scissors level two to pick them. Unlike the fly agarics, you won't find a lone clover or buttercup standing around. You just have a chance to get them when you pick wildflowers.

There are several different kinds of flower resources - in addition to the very flowery-looking flowers, be sure to keep an eye out for rosehips (which give wild roses!). You can drag your magnifier over them to see which kinds of flowers they can provide and likelihood of receiving them.
Where can I find the apples for Cato's guest list quest in Farmer's Fairy Tale?
The apple seeds in Shorty's Shop will only be available after you have finished the guest list quest. However, apples are random offers in his shop, this means when the shop offer changes (you can see the remaining time until restocking on the right side in the shop window) they will appear from time to time.
Where can I find the fat violet bottle in Farmer's Fairy Tale?
You can find the fat violet bottle in Shorty's house in the village. You have to rotate the screen to see the wall on which the bottle is located on a shelf. Just put two fingers on the screen simultaneously and move one of them to rotate the screen.
Where can I find the items in Herold's Tool Tip Quests?
Herold will give you various tool tip quests during the progress of the story line. Some of them are obligatory, while others can be deleted if unwanted. A red trash can icon indicates quests which can be deleted:
Finding some of those items requires rotating your screen to see the other walls. Some objects can even be found in two different locations.
Where can I find the villagers?
You can always check the pinboard inside your farm house to see where certain characters are. The pinboard lists all of the villagers, and in the bottom left corner of their box, you can see where they currently are. If you don't recognize the building or just can't see things that small, your little helper (the magnifying glass) will tell you more.
Where can I find wild roses in Farmer's Fairy Tale?
You can find wild roses in the forest when harvesting rose hips. You'll need scissors to pick them. However, first you need to make room for them to grow by harvesting other resources in the woods.
Where can I get the recipe for cream?
You can get the recipe for cream from Mabel's shop. However, she doesn't always have it in stock. Check every 3 hours or so to see if she's currently selling it!
Why am I not getting video ads?
In games that have video ads, the availability of video ads can be determined by several factors:

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  • Devices and Other Data - Some third parties will collect usage data from views (see our data privacy statement in the game); it is possible that they may limit which videos are shown to certain users based on this.
Why are my animals asking for retirement in Farmer's Fairy Tale?
All farm animals have a certain number of production cycles, indicated by their "Vacation Readiness" - once that limit has been reached, a rocking chair pin will appear over their head and you can click it to send them into their well-earned retirement. Each animal will leave a farewell card with a parting gift in your mailbox.
Why are my sunflowers not growing in Farmer's Fairy Tale?
The sunflowers in Farmer's Fairy Tale really really like the sun. They will only grow during the daytime - at night they will respond to watering, but won't keep growing on their own. Once it's day again, you will see them growing again :)
Why did my harvested products and seeds vanish in Farmer's Fairy Tale?
If your player's inventory is full while harvesting, the harvested goods will hover above the ground. You have to make room for them in your player's inventory before you can collect them. You need one free slot for each type of the harvested product and another free slot for each type of the seed bag from those products. Please note that such products/seed bags will vanish if you can't collect them within one hour or if you close the app before collecting them.